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GudeBalls app for iPhone and iPad

4.7 ( 2107 ratings )
Games Entertainment Board Puzzle
Developer: GudeBalls
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 20 Feb 2009
App size: 3.83 Mb

4,99 -> FREE ONLY FOR 3 DAYS!!!

148app - GudeBalls is definitely a unique game.

Toucharcade - Puzzler to try! Puzzlers can be the hardest games to review. Beyond just explaining the raw mechanics of the game, it can be very difficult to convey the "fun" aspect of the game. Fortunately, here are is a puzzle game that are worth your time.

iPhoneGamesNetwork - GudeBalls is a unique puzzle game that will challenge you and surprise you.

AppVersity - GudeBalls is one of those games that you load up and then are very glad that you got assigned to it. And after a few minutes you forget that you’re reviewing it and you’re just having a good time.

iPhoneFootPrint - A must have if you are fond of color matching puzzle games. So just set the ball rolling and be prepared to get hooked.

"Gudeballs Rocks! I cant even keep my iphone at my desk anymore. My boss keeps taking my phone to play Gudeballs."

"Perfect learning curve. Starts easy, gets more challenging at just the right place. Great combination of strategy and speed, great replay value."

"A-ddict-ive!!! Love love love this game"

Thank you all for the appreciation!

GudeBalls is a puzzle game, an action game, a time management game all bundle up into a single package!

GudeBalls is based on a very simple idea: You just have to organize colored marbles on plates.

But once you start playing, youll find out how such a simple idea becomes a great challenge, youll try your skills confronting puzzling locks, fierce monsters and even a share of magic tricks, as you find your way through several amazing levels.

- Great learning curve.
- Automatic save your levels.
- Online high score ranking.

New Feature - ver 1.1.1:
- Autodetect Audio System

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Pros and cons of GudeBalls app for iPhone and iPad

GudeBalls app good for

This game is so fun and addictive. Its different from all those "match three" games out there. Thumbs up for originality and easiness of use. The only sad thing is: only 21 levels. I WANT MORE. Please :-)
I love this little game, its sooooo addictive!! you wont be able to put it down until you finish it. One downside though: it only has 21 levels :( and also level 19 is impossible, how am I supposed to get the blue and green balls up?
This had me hooked from the moment I first tried it. I would love to see more levels. Also, I want to learn how some of the high scorers are able to get higher than 3850!! My highest score is just over 3800 and I cant imagine how people can achieve scored over 4000!! Fill us in on the secrets!! Overall, my most used app and favorite game on iPod touch/iPhone. One small point, I can not reach as high a score on my iPhone as I can on my iPod touch....strange. Also, I cant wait to try this game on the iPad!!!
Love the game, couldnt stop playing, I wish there were more levels
This is a totally addictive, cool game. And its FREE! I would pay for a version with lots more levels and a level editor.
Im about 2 finish this game in less then a week since start plain,good 4 me

Some bad moments

Woooow is very disappointing the fact that this game that doesnt have enough levels used to be FREE!!! and now they are trying to get ppls money by charging .99 cents with "80%" off why dont they just put 100% off and put it the way it was before???
I downloaded this app and when I tried to open it, it completley locked my phone up. I could not shut if off using the off button and I could not get my phone un-stuck. I had to plug my phone into my computer to restart it. So after doing that, I tried to open the app up again and it did the very same thing. Needless to say, I will not try this app again. I rate it a zero.
shuck a boreing game to play and if u get all the colors you need it should stop shooting the balls at u wat a waste do space on my gigs if there were negative stars u would vote them but sadly we only got possitive ones with there was a zero button bye the bye get better music after a while is stinks to hav to listen to christmas melodies bleh!
Does not open at all on 3G running iOS 4. Tried resetting phone and reinstalling app. Useless.
DO NOT GET THIS IT CRASHED MY IPOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I somehow got the full game for free, maybe with OpenFeint, but I deleted it immediately. IT CRASHES iPODS and DOESN"T WORK!!!!!!!!!
It is Christmas time again and reminds me of this game! Please fix the app!!!! Cant play anymore!! Thanks!